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An alligator between tits

An alligator between tits
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Dommy B here…. On this adventure you find Emily and I at a local pet store. We went there to buy some fish for my roommate (J-Mac's) alligator, he was hungry. The pet store we were at sucked on customer service so we started to wonder and check out the other cool pets they had. Emily came across this hot white milf (Jodi) looking at some dwarf hamsters, she lost one of her son's pets and she was trying to get a hamster for him trying to make it up to him. I personally could not take my eyes off of her tits. Emily and I told Jodi that we were there buying gold fish for an alligator and she seemed very interested in the alligator, she thought it might be a great present for her son. Emily thought in her crazy mind that maybe we can lure this hot chich back to the house by offering her some hamsters or J-Mac's alligator.. Jodi just wanted to really see the alligator so she was practically already in the car with us. She easily agreed to come to the house with us. On the car ride home we told Jodi she was very beautiful and we were photographers and would love to shoot some stills of her. There is something that happens to a woman when you tell them that your a photographer and that you think they are beautiful, they are like butter in a frying pan. Once back at the house, Emily and I took her upstairs to show her the alligator, of course J-Mac was still passed out in his bed. Emily called over our friend Seth to get his ass to the house to serve Jodi up with some cock. Jodi gave a Stellar blow job, but I must admit I loved watching Jodi getting fucked watching her huge tits bounce around. Enjoy!

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