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Handling Mason tits isn't easy

Handling Mason tits isn't easy
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What can I say my good people? It was my first time in years, and I was newly on 200mg of anti-depressants. Sanchez was pissed but quite amused at my failure. I should also mention I first met mason like 7 years ago when I filmed her for that "other" company. Mason Storm and Sanchez had a lot of fun at my expense, and you probably will too. We found Ralph outside a cafe' and Sanchez propositioned him to fuck Mason on film. He agreed and we went back to Sanchez's studio. Once they get naked she goes straight for his balls! She warms up by sucking his balls and jerking his cock. After she feels he has been adequately teased she goes into a barrage of dick sucking, jerking, titty fucking and sucking. At this point he's really worked up so she stands him for more dick sucking and letting him fuck her mouth and titts, she works his cock for a while then sits down spreads her legs and lets him lick, suck and tongue fuck her for a while, this causes her to get very horny so she jumps on his cock and rides it like a bull. She bounces and grinds her sexy ass on his dick for a while pauses, gives him a little throat then jumps back on it, after a bit she turns around, so we can see her big titties bounce as she gets jack hammered. Then he lays her down on the couch into missionary and wails away on her, titties flying every where! Her fucks her super hard wich makes her cum, and while she's cumming she screams "put it in my mouth"! he obliges her then goes back to pounding. They move to spoon and more hard, fast fucking. She wants squirt in doggy which they do a couple times, this turns him on so much he blows his load all over her face and in her mouth at which point she sucks him dry. Wow. That could have been me. -ugly

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